De zon wordt weer even wakker!

Our Sleepy #Sun wakes up! We have been watching newly formed region 2699 since it first emerged on the Sun’s backside and now that it has rotated into view, things are getting exciting. This region has been firing low-level solar flares & launching #solarstorms off of the Sun’s East limb and will rotate into the Earth-strike zone in less than a week. But this region is not the only activity on the Sun recently. Within the past 24 hours we’ve had several other mini-solarstorm launches at the edge of the Earth-strike zone! The good news is that solar flux is getting a boost due to all this activity so amateur radio operators can expect better radio propagation over the next two weeks. Also, we have a minor chance of a mild disturbance, with #aurora possible at high latitudes, as the recent mini-solar storms pass nearby Earth around February 10.